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A safety of moral intuitionism the place (i) there are goal ethical truths; (ii) we all know those via an instantaneous, highbrow know-how, or "intuition"; and (iii) realizing them provides us purposes to behave self sustaining of our wants. the writer rebuts the most important objections to this thought and indicates the problems in substitute theories of ethics.

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We should not consider it a fair move, for example, for someone arguing against ethical intuitionism to deploy general skeptical arguments. In other words, in this discussion, I may assume that we are justified in believing most of the things we normally take ourselves to be justified in believing, outside the area of ethics. I may assume that we are justified in believing that rocks exist, that we are conscious, that the earth will continue to exist next week, that 4+1=5, and that no object can be both completely red and completely blue.

Suppose I have a desire for coffee ice cream, and I think that going to the store will help me to get some coffee ice cream. Then I have both a good reason and a motivation for going to the store. According to Humeans, all practical reasons and motivations involve desires in that way. So when I decide not to steal the candy because I think stealing is wrong, that also involves some desire of mine. Perhaps I have a desire not to break society's rules, or a desire Introduction 11 not to see my nephew cry, or just a desire not to be a thief.

There are some sentences that are uncontroversially assertive-sentences that ethical cognitivists and 20 Ethical/ntuitionisfll non-cognitivists alike would take to assert propositions. There are other sentences that are uncontroversially non-assertive. We can identify features of the former that do not belong to the latter, and see whether evaluative statements have those features. The evidence I shall cite is straightforwardly available to any competent English speaker. Nor can its relevance be easily disputed.

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